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Trident Coffee

Trident Coffee in the traditional craft breweries is a craft coffee roasters local to San Diego County providing their product at retail locations, coffee shops, and their own self-branded tasting room.  As a newer company they were in need of some video production services including interviews with owners, product reviews, and promotional videos for their social media network as well as website.

Trident Coffee produces coffee products containing quality you can taste. They only roast specialty grade 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from coffee producers with whom they have dedicated to establishing direct relationships. Using their Trident Coffee Signature Blend, we handcraft our cold brew coffee for 18 hours then infuse it with nitrogen in a ready-to-go can. The result is the smoothest, creamiest cold brew coffee on the market with a sweet chocolate and caramel flavor.


Product Promo Video

Trident Coffee has numerous blends of cold brew coffee that they offer.  We sat down and interviewed Matt Johnson about their Ambrotos blend to create a promo video that can be used on their website, sales + marketing materials, and social media.

Creative Production Videos

As a producer, Trident Coffee has their own production facility in Imperial Beach, CA where they roast, keg, and can their coffee.   We filmed this video to show the production of the coffee going between both the roasting and canning processes.   The final video and footage was for usage on their website, social media, and marketing.

Product Promo Video

Trident Coffee has a blend they are very proud of and dedicated to Naval War Hero Admiral James Stockdale and its called Stoic Bond.  The team at Trident wanted to create a promo video telling the story of how they created this coffee blend for usage of the video on their website, sales & marketing materials, and social media.

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